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That Works for You

At Owl we offer a wide range of services to help you with your property reporting needs. Click on any of the services below to learn more about what is involved and how they can benefit your tenancies! 


An essential document that is crucial for any new tenancy. Don't leave it to chance and make sure your investment is correctly itemised. 

Check Outs

Make sure your property is handed back in the same condition as it was to start with. We pick up on all discrepancies and give you peace of mind.

Mid-Term Inspections

A great way to make sure your tenants are keeping up with their responsibilities. We check that your property is still looking its best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who long until I get my report?

We have a 24 hour turnaround from the time of the appointment to you receiving your report!

Do you take meter readings?

Yes we take Gas and/or Electric meter readings before a tenant moving in or moving out. 

Can I enlarge the photos in the Document

Yes, we use the latest inventory software allowing you to enlarge and zoom in on small details. 

How do I get my tenant to sign the report?

We use a seamless signing solution to allow tenants to sign the report. Once signed, all parties will be sent a copy of the report.

Can you report on HMO properties? 

Yes, we are able to produce reports for any sized property big or small. We are very experienced in dealing with HMO properties.

Can you collect keys from my office? 

Yes, we are happy to collect keys from where ever you may be. We will enter the property, do our thing and then return the keys back to you at a time and place that suits you best.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


Inventories Completed


Check Outs handled


Inspections Carried Out

Need Help With Property Reporting?

If you need our help to carry out a detailed report and the beginning, middle or end of your tenancy, get in touch today. You wont regret it! 

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