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Mid-Term Inspections

We recommend carrying out biannual routine inspections to ensure that the tenants are maintaining the property to a suitable standard and that no maintenance issues are going unreported.  Following the inspection a detailed report will be issued along with relevant photographs and advice on how to proceed. 


Comprehensive Reports

Every report carried out by Owl is as thorough as can be. We know what to look for and exactly how to record every area of your property. We are proud to be ARLA accredited and follow their code of conduct across everything we do. 


High Quality Photos

All of our reports include high resolution images imbedded directly into them. Photos are the best way to avoid disputes with tenants on conditions and damages. Everyone can clearly see discrepancies before and after a tenancy. 


Trusted Process 

We use the latest and greatest in property reporting software. You receive your own log in to the portal and can see all your reports in one place. We communicate with you and tenants to ensure everyone is made aware and kept happy.

If you need help with inspecting your property during a tenancy, get in touch today!

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We Go Above and Beyond

Client Log-in to Retrieve Reports

You get your own login to the portal so you can add properties, and view report history all from your web browser.

Direct Online Booking Via Log-in Portal

You can book your next inventory, check out or inspection directly on your portal. Keep track of all your upcoming appointments and make sure nothing is missed. 

Reports Available Within

24 Hours

We aim to have all reports returned in full to you within 24 hours from the time of the appointment. These are sent to you by email and accessible from your portal. 

Industry Leading Inspection Process

We offer a more personalised and streamlined service without the extra admin. We use the latest technology and software to ensure the job is done right the first time. 

What We Keep an Eye Out For

Inspecting the property during a tenancy is as important than the beginning or end. Make sure the tenants are keeping your investment as clean and tidy as possible. We make sure to check those areas most people wouldn't think twice about. This ensures your investment is kept in tip top condition at all times. 

Fixtures & Fittings

We check even the smallest of details. Making sure everything in the property is still in full working order. This keeps the tenant on side and your property in the best shape possible. 


We check the overall structural condition of the property. We record any cracks in the walls or ceiling caused by settlement in the building. Keeping an eye on these type of issues can pay off in the long run by picking up on a problem early. 


We check for any significant damage to walls, floors, furnitures or appliances. If brought to the tenants attention early, an agreement can be made after the inspection and wont come as a surprise or argument at the end of the tenancy. 


We speak with the tenant before and/or during the inspection to identify any issues they are having whilst living in the property that are as easily identifiable or urgent enough to report. 

What Is The Point Of Inspections? 


They ensure your Tenant is maintaining the property to a good standard. Make sure no urgent maintenance or structural work is not being reported which could lead to much larger works/costs.


Do you think the Tenants are hiding something from you? We make sure they are following the terms of their lease and not smoking, sub-letting etc.


Any potential significant damage is picked up at the inspection and doesn't come as a surprise at the end of the tenancy. This allows you time to plan and prepare for the work required to remedy the issue. 


It is a great chance for tenants to point out small annoyances in the property that don't need urgently repaired. Things like loose door handles etc. that if kept on top of, keep your property in top shape. 

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